And a little bit more …

And a little bit more …

Yesterday we had a craft show. I do lots of festivals throughout the year, but the Bethlehem First UMC craft show is probably my most favorite! I think is because is once of the very first shows I did when I first started selling bags 5 years ago, and now I go every Spring & every fall. 
I’ve made so many wonderful friends, and met so many people. I have some great customers that even come by just to visit my booth! I even got to made some pretty things for the church. Anyway, is been such blessing to me! Shout out to my now dear friend Amber who organizes the entire thing! ❤️
This year Bela (my 9 year old) started making lots of crafty things, so with permission from Amber she set up a table in my booth to sell her keychains and notebooks. The night before the festival as we were praying before bed we had this conversation: 

Bela: how much money do you want to make at the festival?
Me: I always make as many dollars God decides we need at the time.
Bela: that’s a good answer, I want that too … and then a little bit more. 

i thought it was funny and also like.. yes girl! A little bit more sounds great! 😎

So last night, after we got home I got to thinking, what does “a little bit more” look like?  To me, yesterday’s “a little more” looked like familiar faces of great friends that stopped by who encouraged and affirmed Bela’s business! (And mine too!! Honestly, even if you never buy a bag from me but you’re that friend that comes and makes sure I’m drinking enough water or text me to check how my day is going and sends me funny memes, that’s huge! I truly appreciate that! ❤️)

My favorite moment from yesterday was this little old couple that came by towards the end of the day. They stopped and browsed for a minute, and I told them about my purses. They gave kind words and walked away, but they came back after making their rounds. And as his wife was trying to decide which bag she liked best, he looked at me and said, “Young lady! I love your booth! It really caught my eye, and let me tell you! I’m color blind! So I go to lots of places and all I see is grays, but I can see bright colors and you definitely have that! And your bags are just so unique and well made it just made my day to see crafts that are not redundant. Really made my day! Thank you for loving color!”  
They chose a bright bag with a giant peacock pin, that made his wife smile,”so I’m going to adopt him and give him a good home” 

I told my family about them when we got home and we all chuckle and were like.. yeah that conversation was worth more than any dollars. 
That was my “little bit more” from Jesus. So wear  bright colors, be a little bit louder, you may stick out sometimes…. But you may just unknowingly make someone’s day brighter by just being who you are!




That is the sweetest story 🥰 I love all the colors and uniqueness of your bags! You’re the best ❤️


I’m so very proud of you and I love you soooo much!

Cindy Johanson

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