It was the week without Tuesday. Or was it? 😅

It was the week without Tuesday. Or was it? 😅

    Do you ever feel like somehow you misplaced an entire day and all of a sudden you find yourself canceling pieces of life you had planned, because of your lack of planning?! No? Anyone? Just me?


   I’m not kidding! I found my self going, there’s no way Christmas is next week!  I’m usually done with shopping & present wrapping & my friends usually have a container of baked goods from our house by now. Also did we have a Tuesday this week?! 

   Instead  this year, I still don’t know what to get for some of my people,  (I’m looking at you Tammy) I’m definitely not done shopping,  we just found out my 13 year old’s Lego league team is advancing to the Regionals competition, which is fabulous & exciting, and also means at least more weeks of meetings. (Why do you have to be so smart guys?!! 🌟😜)

  I’m also in the home stretch of a huge project  that has a strict deadline…  ( which I promise I will write about and have MANY pictures of after January 15th)       
Did you know them pageant people don’t reschedule the entire national event because you would like a few more days to finish things up calmly and perfectly … and you somehow misplaced Tuesday? so rude😂

Ps: Abi if you reading this, don’t worry! your outfits are on point and almost completely finished! I just don’t know where tuesday went lol

    Seems like everywhere  I look I’m seeing things that need to be done,  and I’m finding it hard to decide what to say no to, and what yeses to say & I’m also frustrated at pieces of my calendar I have zero control over…  because I want to say yes to lots more than I can physically accomplish you know?

       A couple of days ago my son that lives away at college texted and asked if I can make empanadas,  his school semester is over, he has a job  so he doesn’t have a normal school break where he can come stay for home a few days, since I don’t get to see him all the time, at the beginning of the year I decided I will always say yes if is in my power to cancel our day  to hangout with him & his girlfriend (who we love dearly and always comes over with him! they’re kind of a package deal now, it’s great!!  🥰 )

    So, since they were coming over we canceled life yesterday and spent the entire afternoon baking ALL the cookies that we make every year  & making empanadas for dinner and laughing at all the goofing off my kids always do when they’re together.  I loved every minute of the 8ish hours of kitchen time we had! And I do love sweets and cookies, so we are set for snacks for the foreseeable future! Also my kitchen is a mess … but is fine.. there are cookies!


  This morning I woke up really early, if you met me, you know I’m not a morning person! I like my sleep… but I’m up before 5am, & can’t go back to sleep which really is offensive  honestly.  🤪

   So I made some mate (green South American tea very caffeinated & delish) and I picked up a leftover empanada & my devotional book, is called Praying The Names of God. (Highly recommend!) The author talks about how God has a name for every need we can possibly have in life, and this week name is El Roi. The  God  who sees.  I was so encouraged by my reading, and the reminder that in the middle of busy, and work and family, & interruptions and quiet times, and scary times, and the times when I somehow misplaced entire days of the week, God sees, He’s present in the middle of my hot mess, that’s the entire reason for Christmas!

 And in the middle of craziness, which seems to the norm around here with a husband, 4 kids + 1 girlfriend, so is really 5 kids, 😅 1 grand baby, homeschooling, running a business, is all fun and great but boy! Does it get busy & tiring sometimes. Is good to remember I’m not alone. I have a God who sees me, and the entire hot mess I am. And He loves me anyway! and  He loves you too!

So I’m taking sometime today to be thankful for my missing day ( seriously what happened to Tuesday??? 🤪🤪🤪) and to recalibrate Thursday to fit in the interruptions and really to just count my blessings as I drive around taking people places I haven’t planned on for today.

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