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Hello friends! 

My name is Susana and I'm the Owner & Operations Overlord of Mama Dinosews. I just started the website and there's a little shinny tab here that says Blog, and I like to talk, so I figured I should try it LOL!

So to all my new friends,thanks for stopping by and reading this!

This little corner will probably become and spot for highlinghting funny stories of shenanigans in my sewing dungeon, and maybe tell you about special projects I work on in my spare time, like royalty I sew for occasionally (hello Abi & Kristen!) or just a bunch of Susana's words, which I have a lot of, so you been warned! but, for this post here's a little bit about me and my people.

I am a wife & homeschooling mom of 4 kiddos, I have 2 girls ages 23 & 9 and 2 boys who are 20 & 13, I'm also a grandma of 1 little boy, even tho I'm clearly not old enough to be a grandmother. nevertheless here we are and he's my favorite! 😃

I came to the USA from Paraguay in 1998, English is my 3rd language and I absolutely hate English grammar so, when you read this, there maybe gramatical errors, or mispelled words, because English has way too many unnecessary letters, so you'll have to forgive my english sometimes, just remember, if you're really honest you also don't understand why we need a PH which sounds like F when we already have the letter F.... but, I digress... 😂

I started sewing when I was 11 or 12ish. and I always loved having more & better clothes than all my friends, because I could make them, plus growing up in a third world country farm our nice shopping stores availabitiy were limited, but the fabric stores abound and there was sooooo many choices! 

I love Jesus, my family, color & patterns & art & music & funny memes, & binging baking shows that have Paul Hollywood in, & movies with Chris Pratt and really good coffee. I'm also very snarky (fair warning) & I hide snacks from my kids in my sewing room. 

I'm a bit of a hippie, but with a Moroccan-bohemian flair because, I dislike TyeDye proffusely unless is done on batik fabrics and jewel tones, then is ok:)  You'll notice that hippie vibe in all my bags, I also love shinny pins, so each bag I make gets a pretty finishing touch with a little something-something.

I don't take custom bag orders because I don't like people telling what to make LOL. The most you can do is say is something like "do you have something blue? or with a cat?" or any other random thing, and then I can create something within that realm.

If you read this far down, You're the real MVP! & you want to leave a comment and say hi I would LOVE that! 

 I warn you at the beggining, I have a lot of words 

Anyway, I have a big pile of sewing things waiting for me in my dungeon, sew I must get off of here and get on with the day. 

Enjoy your Saturday and thanks for hanging out! 


PS: below is a picture of my entire business office team...spoiler alert... is just me... and occasionally a kid....or 4



Love it!!! Can’t wait for more of your shenanigans!

Kathy Ford

I’m here for all the words!! ❤️

Beth Sweat

Great, love it!

Beth Ann Mc clou

I love this so much! Can’t wait to see more blog posts! Everyone in our house LOVE your bags! Spiderman, Belle, and Jasmine Belasaurus bags are played with everyday! My favorite bag is one of yours! 💜💜💜💜💜

Tiffany Killian-Garcia

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